Trinity Chinese Learning Center offers a unique and enjoyable Chinese learning experience for kids ages 5 and up. The teaching team is led by a group of dynamic, certified and experienced teachers as well as a team of fluent Mandarin-speaking assistant counselors. Students will spend two hours each afternoon from Monday to Friday engaging in team-oriented and thematic instructional and educational design activities while navigating through a simulated exciting part of Chinese language world. Learners will be grouped according to Chinese language proficiency into different programs to ensure that each of them gains the most out of his or her own strength. Students spend each session rotating from one activity to the next, including a special "Mandarin-only" period, Chinese-specific story time, arts, and games etc.

Our summer camp offers varied courses that students will have the opportunity to learn Mandarin through stimulating, age-appropriate, hands-on activities, and enhance their skills in a second language in the same natural way that they learned their first language. Through active involvement and playful activities, students will hear and speak Mandarin and learn about important elements of Chinese culture. Our programs are designed to provide a rewarding learning experience incorporated with array of fun activities. Our program is guaranteed to boost your child's language abilities!